Boxloc BL02 Attached Lid Box Seal

Boxloc BL02 Attached Lid Box Seal

The Talisman BL02 Boxlox seal issuitable for most attached lids available in the U.K. market, e.g. Schoeller-Allibert, Paxton, Schoeller Arca Integra and Integra Light, George Utz and Rehrig.

The primary level of security will depend upon the attached lid container design -all those listed above achieve a good level of security.

Additional security is achieved by having a sequential serial number printed on the seal tag.

The serial number can be printed in pairs, so only one serial number needs to be recorded per trip.

The serial number can also be in the form of a bar code.

Boxloc BL02 Attached Lid Box Seal

Technical Data

Recommended Applications

Securing the lids of plastic, attached lid containers



Average Breaking Strength



Strips of 6 in cartons of 3,000


Standard product is plain
Consecutive serial numbers can be laser printed on the seal tag -these can be supplied in pairs.
Bar coded serial numbers can be laser printed on the tag


SStandard colours -White
Other colours may be available on request

Shipping Specification

Carton Dimensions: 530 x 265 x 170mm
Carton Weight: 3.10kgg

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