Taliloc Clinical Waste Tags

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Taliloc Clinical Waste Tags
Taliloc Clinical Waste Tags

The Taliloc range of clinical waste tags includes 5 different strap lengths, ranging from 200 to 300mm.

The Taliloc is used to seal clinical waste bags and create an audit trail, which allows each bag to be tracked back to it's point of origin.

The adjacent top picture illustrates how to swan neck the clinical waste bag, which ensures the bag is not over filled, improves the level of seal on the bag, and creates a convenient carrying handle.

The audit trail is created by the printing on the tag, which has two functions:-
The first two lines identify the hospital or trust and the usual format is to print the name on the first line, e.g. CORVILLE HOSPITAL, and a telephone number on the second line - this identifies where the bag has originated and gives a contact number - as illustrated on the adjacent lower picture.

Taliloc Clinical Waste Tags

The third line is a serial number, and by recording the batches of serial numbers (bags of 1,000 or cartons of 5,000) when issued to each department, this allows the audit trail to be completed.

Talisman can provide a tracking sheet to implement this.

Taliloc Clinical Waste Tags

Technical Data


Sealing and audit trailing clinical waste bags



Average Breaking Strain

Taliloc BT215 and 265 - 19kg
Taliloc BT200/250/300 - 21kg


Mats of 10 in bags of 1,000 in cartons of 5,000


Laser printing
2 Lines of text, each up to 17 characters including spaces
3rd line is a sequential serial number


Standard colours - black, white, pale blue and yellow
Other colours may be available on request

Shipping Specification

Carton Dimensions: 610 x 460 x 460mm
Carton Weight: 4kg

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Clinical Waste Tags

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