Wasteloc BT17 Clinical Waste Tags

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Wasteloc BT17 Clinical Waste Tags

Wasteloc BT17 is designed to seal clinical waste bags and to create an audit trail, in the healthcare sector - it is one of four Talisman products designed for this specific application.

Wasteloc BT17 Clinical Waste Tags

Wasteloc BT17 has a strap which is 4mm wide x 270mm long and a tag 18mm wide x 40mm long

The audit trail is created by moulding the customer details, ideally name and telephone number, in the seal tag, which allows the clinical waste bag being sealed, to be traced back to source - this is necessary for customers to comply to the required "Duty of Care" within the healthcare environment.

Wasteloc BT17 Clinical Waste Tags

Clinical waste bags should be swan necked to ensure the best seal and to minimise the possibility of spillage of the contents.

This also prevents over filling of the clinical waste bag and provides a convenient carrying handle.

Technical Data


Sealing and audit trailing clinical waste bags, security sealing a wide range of plastic bags, sealing the lids on plastic tote boxes, etc.



Average Breaking Strain



Mats of 10 in bags of 1,000 in cartons of 5,000


The customer name and telephone number can be moulded on the strap of the seal


Standard colours - black, orange and yellow

Shipping Specification

Carton Dimension: 500 x 400 x 400mm
Carton Weight: 4kg

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Clinical Waste Tags

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