Meterloc GP110 Plastic and Wire Security Seal

Meterloc GP110 Plastic and Wire Security Seal

The Talisman Meterloc GP110 is a very flexible security seal, comprising a two piece plastic body and a wire or thin cable, which can be supplied with a variable length, to suit customer requirements.

Wire or cable is secured at one end by inserting into the sealing housing and rotating the inner barrel until the wire or cable is secure; after threading the wire or cable round or through the part to be secured, the free end of the wire or cable is inserted into the second aperture in the sealing housing and the inner barrel is rotated again to ensure final sealing.

The seal body is transparent, as standard, but can have a white pad printed on the tag, allowing a bar coded serial number.

Sealing wire can be stainless, galvanised or plastic coated, to protect against environmental conditions.

The seal is light to medium duty and may require cutters to remove.

Suitable for operating temperatures from -40 to +120degrees Celsius.

Meterloc GP110 Plastic and Wire Security Seal

Technical Data

Recommended Applications

Meters, measuring machines, security boxes, gaming machines, etc


Body: Polycarbonate
Barrell: Polyacetal

Average Breaking Strength



Single seals in bags of 100, in cartons of 1,000 or 5,000


Laser printing
Consecutively numbered as standard.
Optional customer name / logo
Bar coded serial numbers can be laser printed on the tag


Standard colours - yellow, red and blue
Other colours may be available on request

Shipping Specification

Carton Dimensions:
1,000 seals: 400 x 380 x 150mm
5,000 seals: 400 x 600 x 350

Carton Weight:
1,000 seals: 4.0kg
5,000 seals: 20kg

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