Voidloc Tamper Evident Labels

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Total Transfer Voidloc

Total Transfer Voidloc

On removal a void message is attached to the applied surface and shows on the removed label

Label size is 85mm long x 25mm wide.

Non-Residue Voidloc

Non-Residue Voidloc

On removal a void message shows on the label, but there is no residue on the applied surface

Label size is 85mm long x 25mm wide.

The Talisman Voidloc tamper evident labels are designed to identify security breeches on products manufactured from various materials.

The Total Transfer Voidloc has a gloss surface finish and is suitable for applying to various surfaces, including most plastics metal, and cardboard but not glass.

The Non-Transfer Voidloc has a matt finish and is suitable for applying to various surfaces, including most plastics, cardboard and glass.

Specialised labels can be supplied with different size, customised void message and customer identification on the label surface.

Both labels can also be printed with a sequential serial number for added security.

Other specialist options include irreversible thermochromic inks, photochromic inks, glow in the dark inks, DNA inks, bar coding, holograms and metallic foils, which can enhance the level of security achieved.

Technical Data

Recommended Applications

Securing boxes containing high value items, securing aircraft doors, sealing containers holding sensitive products, e.g. documents, drugs, etc.


Tamper evident laminate


Both labels are supplied in rolls of 1,000


Both labels include a "VOID" message as standard.
Customised identification can be include on the void message and on the label


Standard colours:
Total Transfer Labels - Red
Non-Residue Labels - Blue

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