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Talisman's range of Zipped, Reusable Bags, Envelopes and Pouches are manufactured from a durable plastic material, which is sewn to ensure optimum security.

There are two designs of locking housing available and two seals - one accepts a button type seal and the other a flat arrow type seal - both designs are compatable with other designs in the market place.

Cash and Key Bag TCB1 267 267 50*
Cash and Key Bag TCB2 256 356 50*
Envelope TFP7 285 350 0
Envelope TFP9 470 355 0
Pouch TGP3 406 305 76
Pouch TGP4 457 330 76
Arrow Seal - Plain TARP
Arrow Seal - Printed

Arrow Seal - Printed

Button Seal - Printed

Button Seal - Printed

Arrow Seal - Printed TARN
Button Seal - Plain TBTP
Button Seal - Printed TBTN

Technical Data


Zipped Bags, Envelopes and Pouches are made from durable PVC.
The seals are made from acetal.


Standard colours for the Bags, Envelopes and Pouches - red and blue.
Non-standard colours can be supplied on request.
Standard colours for the seals are blue, green, red, yellow and white.


Bags, Envelopes and Pouches can be customised with customer name and / or logo.
Seals can have a 7 or 8 digit alpha numeric sequential serial number printed on the tag, which will increase security.


Bags, Envelopes and Pouches are supplied as individual items or in multiples, so the packaging will depend on the quantity ordered.
Both seals are supplied in cartons of 500.

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